• I’m doing a show in San Francisco on 11/1

    I’ll be playing my music in San Francisco on November 1st.  It’ll be at the Day of the Devs party from Double Fine. It’s my first performance, so who knows how it’ll go.  I’ll be playing music from Fastfall, Immerse, and maybe some new things.  

    Come check it out, and don’t forget to RSVP for the event.

  • Spring Will Melt Us Back To Home ("Snowman" remix)

    This is a remix of the track, “Snowman”, from the Mother/Earthbound series. It’s for Harmony of Heroes, an album of 101 fan made remixes of music from Super Smash Bros. You can get it here: www.harmonyofheroes.net/

  • New look to my blog

    I’ve given my blog a bit of a facelift today.  I also added a Projects and About section.

  • hitboxteam:

    This room is our first fully procedural area created by our level generation system.  It’s still very rough, but now the pieces are in place to create many new areas.

    I was working on this for a while.

  • Breadtime

  • My new album, Immerse, is out!

    My second album, Immerse, made for the Double Fine Adventure documentary, is now available on Bandcamp for $7.  There are 27 tracks.

  • Hitbox Team - Spire development livestream

    I’ll be livestreaming development on Spire for the next 2 months, starting next week.

  • I made a site for our new game, Spire

    There’s not much to see yet, but as the game nears completion in the coming months, keep an eye on http://spiregame.com.

  • Cover art for my upcoming album, Immerse.

    Cover art for my upcoming album, Immerse.

  • Cobalt Blue

    A track for the Double Fine Adventure documentary. I reused the instruments and ideas from my earlier sketch, “Cornflower Blue”.